A Table is a danh mục of facts và figures arranged in rows & columns, và a text is the words of something written or printed. Suppose a user has a table in their document and wants to convert it into a text or convert a text into a table. Microsoft Word allows you to bởi vì both.

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What is the Convert function in Word

To change from one khung or use to lớn another. In this article, we are going to lớn discuss how to:Find the Convert Table khổng lồ Text and Convert Table to lớn Text CommandHow to lớn Convert Table lớn TextHow khổng lồ Convert Text lớn Table

Finding the Convert Table khổng lồ Text và Convert Table to lớn Text

If you bởi not see the Data Group on your Standard Toolbar in the Layout tab, right-click on your Standard Toolbar, then click Customize the Ribbon; a Word Options dialog box will pop up.On the right of the Word, Options dialog box, click on Layout, then Create a new group by clicking the New Group Button điện thoại tư vấn it Data or any name you preferred.On the left of the Word Options dialog box, in the drop-down thực đơn of Choose Command From, select All Commands, then search for Convert Text khổng lồ TableConvert khổng lồ Text (Convert Table lớn Text), Then Press the Add Button. It will be a part of the group you name. In this article, we will name it Data, Then OK.

How khổng lồ convert Table to lớn Text in Word

First, highlight the entire table, then go to Layout. On the Layout Window’s left in the Data Group, select Convert khổng lồ Text, a Convert Table to Text dialog box will appear; select OK, you will see your table turn lớn the text.You can also use a Shortcut by highlighting the table & press và leave the Alt Key, và press JLV, the Convert Table to lớn Text dialog box will appear; click OK. This Shortcut also turns your table into a text.

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How to convert Text to lớn Table in Word

In this tutorial, we have a list. Highlight the list of words and go to lớn the Layout tab; in the Data Group, select Convert Text lớn Table, a Convert Text lớn Table dialog box will pop up, then OK. The text is converted lớn a table. You can also find the Convert Text lớn Table command on the Insert tab by clicking Table và then select  Convert Text to lớn Table .If you are using a text with a Comma, for instance, Lisa’s Score, 90, 80, 100. Highlight the text, then go khổng lồ the Layout tab or Table in the Insert tab and click Convert Text khổng lồ Table. The Convert Text khổng lồ Table dialog box will pop up. In the section labeled Separate Text at, select Comma then OK. A table containing Lisa’s score will be created.Let us know in the comments if you have any problems & will get back to you.


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