Sales live stream is no longer an unfamiliar sales sale method for merchants. But knowing how to lớn live stream to lớn get more engagement và sales is another matter.

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Influenced by the covid-19 translation, not only small brands but even big brands are now leading lớn change & follow this trend. It is expected that in the next few years there will be an explosion of live stream sales.
Based on the target audience you are targeting, you can prepare the script for the livestream, you need to define clearly.
Theme of the livestream: Minigame, sản phẩm review, sản phẩm introduction, promotions, …Live mode: Usually there are 3 forms: phone, computer & playback, but the most popular is still using the phone to live, convenient for manipulation as well as good image quality.Live script: Consists of 3 partsIntroduction: you spend 5-10 minutes to lớn say hello, maybe by calling your name & calling for likes, sharing live stream to lớn receive special gifts or promotions.Part keeping: After you have reached a certain number of followers, you proceed with the drama you have preparedConclusion: Saying thank you và giving gifts khổng lồ you who shared live streams before.

Equipment for live stream.

You should align the camera angle so that it is beautiful & suitable. Specialized live stream lights should be used khổng lồ ensure adequate light supply.
Live stream device
The network connection should be stable: this is a very important factor, as the quality of the đoạn phim playing depends on your connection speed.

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A beautiful và professional live stream background will receive trust from customers. This will make it easier for them to lớn buy from you.
Font U3D fontsWall cockroach paperDirectly decorated room.…
Back ground live stream

Tlettuce for yourself and words

Always reply to customer comments.When you talk, hotline out their names.

Notification of livestream time

Proclamation Post: Interested parties will receive a reminder once more before the liveLive stream: When the live starts, interested people will be notified khổng lồ bring them khổng lồ the live
When you talk, gọi out their names và reply to commentsGim the comments you think are great to the đứng top of the chatRegularly ask people to giới thiệu the live session
Cross-post the live session on multiple pages at once. (Only available when using live producer, you can see how here)
The playtime limit (playing over a long period of time will reach more people) for di động is 4 hours và live producer is 8 hours.
And another important part is going to lớn the details of the creative studio khổng lồ see the effectiveness of the live & learn from experience for the next live.
For small pages that vày not have too many followers, you can run ads khổng lồ reach customers faster & more accurately.
In addition, you can buy service packages about seeding, eye enhancement, the purpose is lớn increase the màn chơi of attraction and reputation for real viewers.
Live stream sales are a current trend, which can help you increase your orders in a short time if you know how lớn live stream properly và methodically.

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