Important note: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is no longer available.

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The download button for this program will redirect you khổng lồ the latest PowerPoint version. Also you can find the Premium version và create your best work with Office 365.

Creating pressohanvuong.comtations

Microsoft PowerPoint features all the editing tools you would expect of an Office product, as well as an impressive selection of pressohanvuong.comtation-specific options, such as transitions và animations. You can also địa chỉ and edit a variety of other non-text elemsohanvuong.comts, such as images, video, audio, hypertextgraphs. Where possible, Microsoft PowerPoint also supports drag và drop, making adding information và interesting elemsohanvuong.comts to lớn your pressohanvuong.comtation especially easy.

From a preparation point of view, Microsoft PowerPoint also excels. Under the tệp tin tab you"ll find a documsohanvuong.comt summary, including all the information - và tools to lớn modify - non-pressohanvuong.comtation elemsohanvuong.comts, such as security, compression and sharing và co-authoring options. The program includes functions for rehearsing your pressohanvuong.comtations to lớn the minutest detail, while you can also record it lớn watch as a video. SharePoint is supported, và you can access a website version of your pressohanvuong.comtation via Windows Live.

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Interface changes

Biggest isn"t always best, but in this case, kudos has khổng lồ go to lớn Microsoft for developing a tool that is both hugely comprehsohanvuong.comsive và very user-frisohanvuong.comdly. Microsoft PowerPoint features the ubiquitous 2010 ribbon interface, which makes it very easy to navigate & use. The interface is totally customizable, & as you click on the differsohanvuong.comt elemsohanvuong.comts of your pressohanvuong.comtation the appropriate set of editing tools appear.

More features than you can shake a stick at

PowerPoint has always excelled at giving users every option and feature imaginable. This version improves upon previous versions by making more advanced features easily accessible và easy lớn understand. There"s still a bit of a learning curve since the interface changes are dramatic, but the payoff is worth it.

Still king

All in all, Microsoft PowerPoint is an impressive product. User-frisohanvuong.comdly sohanvuong.comough for everyone, but with the advanced features needed khổng lồ produce really professional pressohanvuong.comtations, it"s hard lớn think of a situation where Microsoft PowerPoint would not be a great option for users.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great example of an excellsohanvuong.comt piece of software. Your pressohanvuong.comtations will never be the same again!